február 2015

Martin and the Magical forest


Martin and the Magical forest was our first project. We started with visual concepts in March 2020, did it all the way through and finished with composing of the VFX shots. It proudly remains being our first love and we will never forget it.

Martin and the Magical forest2021-03-08T06:16:41+01:00

Soko – the handy VFX management


We recently became the partner of Blue Faces. Thanks to this collaboration we are one of the first studios which can try their VFX manager application. Now the client can choose what manager application is better for his/her project. After few months of testing SOKO, we can just strongly recommend it. We love it!

Soko – the handy VFX management2021-03-08T06:33:41+01:00
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