február 2015



It was in 2020 when KOLEKTVFX was established. Everything started in … when Peter Badač, the Slovak producer asked Tibor Meliš, the founder of KOLEKTIVFX, if he could help him with the project Martin and the Magical Forest. One word led to another, and then the idea of KOLEKTIVFX was born. Since then, we have [...]

Welcome to KOLEKTIVFX2021-03-08T06:09:23+01:00

Soko – the handy VFX management


We recently became the partner of Blue Faces. Thanks to this collaboration we are one of the first studios which can try their VFX manager application. Now the client can choose what manager application is better for his/her project. After few months of testing SOKO, we can just strongly recommend it. We love it!

Soko – the handy VFX management2021-03-08T06:33:41+01:00

január 2015

Our Grading Room


Why not?! We asked ourselves briefly when the first request for grading showed up. Now you can ask our partners how satisfied they feel.

Our Grading Room2021-03-08T06:41:55+01:00



We were proud partners of the Asociation of Slovak Cinematographers during the workshop Unreal for ASK (ASC). Pavel Baghy created an engaging landscape in an unreal software. It was presented on a large led screen.

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